Dermatoglyphics - DMIT

parts of the brain

Why DMIT from Mind Mapping Careers?

DMIT with us is better as we are not providing just a multiple page report or text analysis from the software. But we are hand holding to take the person ahead with our programs that are exclusive and provided by us only to guide about right career path with chosen activities. We are ensuring the career growth in the right direction.

What's right in getting these tests done by us?

Other than the benefits provided by software regarding the identification of inborn talent, uniqueness, multiple intelligence, personality type. We work with the client on a few activities to develop the mental capabilities and carve down the right career path towards growth.

Why get it done from us?

Most of the competitors are just selling software or trying to earn by selling more and more reports generated from the software. No added values or extra guidance is provided by them.

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